1. Where are we in drug and health targets in 2023, what should we do?
  2. Health application notification
  3. Evaluation of Health Technologies
  4. Over the counter market (OTC)
  5. Homeopathy
  6. Orphan drug
  7. Pharmacy Management Strategies and Success Stories
  8. Specialization in Pharmacy
  9. Rational drug use
  10. Pharmaceutical Industry Session
  11. Phytotherapy
  12. R & D in Health Industry and medicine (drug)
  13. Clinical Research
  14. Drug Pricing Policies and Sectoral Impacts
  15. Pharmacy Legislation
  16. Hospital and Public Pharmacy
  17. Pharmacy Undergraduate Education: Expectations and Suggestions
  18. Pharmacy Management
  19. Reimbursement Systems in Drug and Health
  20. Legal Problems Encountered by Freelance Pharmacists
  21. Pharmacist’s Support and Consultancy Aspect in Chronic Disease Management
  22. Patent and Data Protection in Drug
  23. Cosmetic
  24. Presidency of Health Institutes of Turkey
  25. Medical Devices
  26. Cancer and Oncology Drugs
  27. Meetings of Deans and Students
  28. Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters Association (İKMİB) and Turkish Exporters Assembly TİM)
  29. Hospital Pharmacy and Supply Chain
  30. Family Pharmacy and Family Medicine
  31. Industry Cooperation Program
  32. Profession right in pharmacy
  33. The future of pharmacies and Pharmacies of the future
  34. Communication skills
  35. Aromatherapy
  36. Pharmacy Technicians Meeting: Problems and Solution Suggestions